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Mid 70s

His past as an art collector leads Rafaël Lingier to open galleries in Deurle and Knokke, together with a partner.


Mid 80s

A third partner joins them, and they start an auction house in downtown Ghent. They also buy the Leon De Smet Museum during this period.


Mid 90s

The partners decide to go their own way. As a consequence Rafaël Lingier takes charge of the Leon De Smet Museum. He adds a gallery to the museum.



Rafaël Lingier takes over a gallery in downtown Ghent.



As a result of the growth of the gallery, Koen Lingier joins the business and takes over part of his father’s activities.



They take over a gallery in Knokke-Zoute, a village which has over the years developed into the place to be for art-lovers.



After more than three decades of evolution and growth, we can proudly say that what began as a mere private collection of Rafaël Lingier grew, through his passion, into the gallery it is now.

The gallery offers modern paintings and sculptures, going from symbolism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism and early abstract art to late abstract art, constructivism and material art.